3 Simple Bathroom Plumbing Tips


Keeping your bathroom clean and neat is not the only priority. Functionality is important as well. At Drainblaster Plumbing Service in Birmingham Alabama we want to provide you different tips that will help you to keep your bathroom up and running efficiently for months. This tips will prevent any clog pipes and keep your bathroom pipes clean.

  • At least once a week run hot water through the drain to help the water run free.
  • We recommend the use of strainers. This will help to catch any hair and soap chips. Remember to clean them regularly.
  • Keep in mind that your toilet is not a wastebasket. Throwing facial tissue, cotton balls, sanitary products into the toilet can clog your pipelines. You can have a trash container inside your bathroom and dispose these items away.

If you have followed these simple tips you will keep your bathroom running. If your toilet doesn’t stop  working or your bathroom sink drain is clogged up, you should better call a plumber near birmingham alabama.

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