Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Birmingham, Alabama. 1

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home, because it is where you prepare your food for you and your loved ones. You will spend time in the kitchen during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keeping your kitchen plumbing well maintained is important for your family’s happiness. From the kitchen faucet to the drain and garbage disposal, there are several areas of the kitchen that you will need to keep regularly maintained.

At Drainblaster Plumbing Services in Birmingham, Alabama, we care about your plumbing. That’s why we have prepared some simple tips to keep your kitchen faucet and drains clean.

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Tips for Kitchen Faucet

  • Using your hands, carefully remove the sprayer attachment turning counterclockwise.
  • Use a small brush dipped in vinegar to remove any sediment from the sprayer attachment
  • Reassemble the sprayer attachment and screw it back to the faucet.

Tips for Kitchen Clog

  • Avoid adding hard-to-grind or fibrous wastes like poultry skins, carrots or orange peels into the disposal.
  • Avoid pouring liquid grease down the drain.
  • Run cold water down the drain for 20 seconds before and after using the garbage disposal to flush waste through the pipe line.

If after following this helpful tips you are still having issues with your kitchen plumbing or you have an emergency plumbing in Birmingham, Alabama, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber to help you with fix your plumbing problem right away.

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Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Birmingham, Alabama. 2