water pipe leaking water

Most of the plumbing problems we encounter in our home come as a surprise. There’s simply never a good time for a pipe to burst or a toilet to overflow. While you won’t be able to fix the problems on your own, it does help your future self to be educated on the most-common plumbing situations so you can recognize one as it occurs. That way, you can quickly realize it is time to call DrainBlaster Plumbing Service! In your Birmingham, AL home, you are most likely going to see:

#1 Leaking plumbing fixtures

Nearly every homeowner will tell you they’ve encountered a few leaky faucets in their life. If your toilet or faucet is constantly dripping and leaking, you need a Birmingham, AL emergency plumber to come and help you. “What’s the emergency?” you may say. The rush is to stop the leak before your electric bill is extremely high!

#2 Broken water pipe

A broken water pipe can actually flood your home. Talk about a nightmare! When this happens, your goal is to stop water from flowing. Turn off the main water valve and have a plumber out to your home ASAP.

#3 Gas leak

Your pipes do not just have water; they have gas too. Gas leaks are dangerous for you and your family because they can affect your health and safety. As soon as you smell gas in your home, you need to evacuate the place quickly and have a plumber check for a broken gas line.

#4 Clogged drain

Everything from food particles in your kitchen sink to extra hair in the shower to flushing something you shouldn’t have contributed to a clogged drain. Instead of dumping harsh chemicals in it which may cause long term damage, have a plumber come unclog it with the right tools for the job.

For these or any other plumbing problem, you do not need to worry. Your first step should be to call in the emergency plumbing experts at DrainBlaster Plumbing Service. Once you do that, you can know that the situation will be handled shortly.