3 Reasons Your Bathroom Sink is Clogging 1

If your home has bathroom drains, it also has the potential for a clogged bathroom drain. Clogs are incredibly common! The only things that should go down your bathroom drains are water and soap. Yet, many homeowners don’t realize that a lot more than that is going down there. More often than not, the cause of the drain can be traced back to one of these three issues:


It’s pretty easy to see why this is so common. Your hair gets everywhere in the bathroom! Hair clumps together when wet and the interior of your sink pipes catch those clumps on their way down. The more pressure the water in your drain exerts on hair, the harder it will clump together. Soon, the gross clump fully resists water flow inside the pipe and is totally stuck. Of course, that hairy clump stops anything else that’s trying to head down the drain, too.

Soap Scum

Wait- isn’t soap one of the things listed that’s supposed to be in there? Soap scum happens when chemicals in your soap react with calcium and magnesium ions present in the tap water. This combination forms a chalky, film-like substance that clings to the sides of pipe walls and builds up over time. If left for too long, it begins to block passage down the drain pipe just like a hair clog.

A foreign object is stuck in the p-trap

The p-trap is the bending part of the drain pipe located directly beneath the sink. Because of its shape, it’s catches anything that may have accidentally fallen into the drain like a toothpaste cap, small toy, jewelry, hair tie, and more.

If your Birmingham, AL bathroom drain is clogged, you have the experts at Drainblaster Plumbing to call upon. Whatever’s causing your clog, we can fix it! It may be as simple as removing the foreign object that went down, or you may need a little more extensive work. Don’t worry; just leave the job to us! Give us a call at 205-637-0668, any time of the day or night and any day of the year. We’ll rush over to unclog your drain!