Install a Hot Water Heater in Birmingham

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower… except perhaps the bill associated with buying a new hot water heater! In order to avoid both of these unfortunate situations, you’re going to want to recognize the signs of an impending breakdown before it actually happens. You don’t need to be a plumber or even an expert at home repair to know what to look for. The signs of a hot water heater issue are simple enough for anyone to recognize!

What to Look out for

It’s no fun going without hot water. It’s more than just uncomfortable; it’s unhygienic as well. In order to get yourself, your clothes, and your dishes as clean as possible, you need hot water in your home. Here’s what to look for so you don’t need an emergency repair or hot water heater replacement in order to have it:

#1 Your Water Gets Warm, but Not Hot

You don’t want to scald yourself in the shower, but you need your water to be extremely hot for dishes and laundry. If your water can’t get super hot, it’s a problem. This is a sign your hot water heater is struggling to keep up. The problem will only get worse over time, not better.

#2 The Hot Water Doesn’t Last

Does your family fight over who gets the first shower, because you all know whoever goes last will be stuck in the cold? Water heater sizes are based on the gallons of water they hold. It’s quite possible that your family is trying to make due with a unit that simply isn’t capable of keeping up with demand.

#3 You Hear Taps or Knocking Sounds

Tapping and other odd noises are the result of sediment build up. If it isn’t drained, this could create tiny tears in the metal that ultimately cause leaks that require your unit to be replaced all together.

#4 You Notice Cloudy or Foul-Smelling Water

Whether you are washing dishes or your hair, you need the water to actually be clean. If your water stinks like rotten eggs or looks dirty, this is more than just gross- it’s a sign of a problem. You may need the anode rod replaced by a professional plumber.

#5 The Unit is Old

If your hot water is over 10 years old, it’s only a matter of time before it goes for good. Why wait until that day happens and have to treat it like an emergency? Take care of it proactively instead.

Contact Drainblaster Plumbing for Your Needed Repair

If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to call in a professional Birmingham area plumber. Your water heater isn’t going to fix itself! With the professional team from Drainblaster Plumbing on call, it doesn’t have to- and neither do you!