Boilers that use hot water, steam, electricity, oil, or natural gas produce heat to keep your property warm throughout the winter. You might therefore wonder, “Do plumbers fix boilers?” if your boiler malfunctions and stops working.

To give you the short answer, yes, some plumbers do repair boilers. Not all of them, though. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between a plumber and a heating engineer.

Should I Hire a Plumber or a Heating Engineer to Service a Boiler?

Regardless of the plumbing or heating problem, you’ll want to have it fixed as soon as possible so that life can return to normal and you can start to unwind in your house.

You must first determine the kind of service you require in order to decide which specialist to hire. Even while some engineers and plumbers can complete any task, other tradespeople have specialized in particular areas of their field. Plumbing and heating engineers may do comparable jobs, but they have varied skill sets and can handle a range of assignments.

What Does a Heating Engineer Do?

heating engineer

Only heating engineers are authorized to work on central heating systems. Typically, this relates to your gas boiler but might also involve work on your thermostat and radiators. A plumber may have many abilities, but they lack the specialized knowledge to work on your gas central heating system safely if they haven’t completed heating-related training.

Anything related to your heating system can be repaired, replaced, or installed by a heating engineer:

A heating engineer is the professional you need to contact if you have a boiler issue, need it serviced, or are considering installing a new boiler. They possess the necessary training and expertise to recognize problems, perform fixes, swap out parts, and install and maintain new devices.

What Does a Plumber Do?


If anything goes wrong with your property’s pipes and water fixtures, you should contact a plumber. A plumber, therefore, has the experience, abilities, and knowledge to thoroughly evaluate whether it’s a damaged dishwasher, washing machine, or leaking or busted pipe.

Plumbers can install, repair, or replace anything that affects the flow of water, including:

  • Blockages
  • Pipes are leaking water
  • Dishwashers and washing machines are water-based equipment.
  • Issues with the bathroom, such as an overflowing toilet
  • Sewage, irrigation, and drainage systems

Plumbers may also install sinks in bathrooms and kitchens, fixing showers, replace faucets, and much more! A plumber will utilize their knowledge to examine the problem in your property and replace or repair any required components. A plumber will explain the situation to you, provide you with an estimated completion time, and work with you to restore the plumbing.

A Plumbing Company You Can Trust

Plumbers and heating engineers work on different aspects of your property’s plumbing system. A plumber is a specialist to contact if you experience a problem with your pipes, fixtures, or water-based appliance such as a dishwasher or washing machine. On the other hand, you must hire a heating engineer for any job related to your central heating system, including the boiler. Ultimately, you’ll want to hire the most suitable expert for your particular plumbing and heating needs to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

Please understand that only qualified professionals can complete any plumbing or heating job adequately and safely. At Drainblaster Plumbing Service, we have the qualifications, experience, and knowledge to handle any plumbing issue you might face. When it comes to reliable commercial plumbing services in Birmingham, Alabama, contact Drainblaster Plumbing Service today! We look forward to helping you find the solutions that work for your property.


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