Install a Hot Water Heater in Birmingham

You know what a plumber does; they install and repair pipes that supply water or gas to and from buildings. They also install plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. They also install appliances, including hot water heaters and dishwashers. If your sink is clogged up, they’ll get it moving freely again. During plumbing jobs, they may need to perform basic carpentry to access pipes inside walls or brace pipes in order to keep them securely in place. A plumber will also weld, solder, and attach fittings together when necessary. Don’t forget about leaks! Even a small leak can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands in wasted water and damage. The exact responsibilities of a plumber depend on the particular project type. 

But, what about commercial plumbing in Birmingham? Is a commercial plumber different from the type of plumber who would come to your home? Well, yes and no. Let’s break this down further so you can understand the difference.

Residential vs. Commercial Plumbing in Birmingham

Here at Drainblaster Plumbing, we pride ourselves on complete professionalism in every project we undertake, whether it be for a small home, a huge corporation, or anything in between. Some plumbers work in homes and others work in hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. It is not that one plumber is more skilled, more trained, or more experienced than the other. It is simply two close but distinct fields within the same industry. Residential and commercial plumbing are slightly different. Because of this, some plumbers specialize in one type of plumbing work over the other.

What’s the Difference?

A toilet is a toilet, whether it’s in a house or a restaurant. The biggest difference between residential and commercial plumbing in Birmingham is the amount of water fixtures and the total volume of water passing through the pipes. While a home may have one or two toilets, it’s not uncommon for a commercial building to have a dozen. A hotel may have hundreds! That doesn’t even mention the hot water heaters, sinks, water fountains, and other plumbing fixtures.

There’s also the added stress of the fact that a commercial plumber needs to help a business stay operational. If you are a building manager or you own a business, you are aware of the importance of keeping your building clean and hygienic. If your plumbing stops working in any way then your business won’t run effectively. 

Contact DrainBlaster Plumbing

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