You Need Drain Cleaning

There’s a lot that goes into being a homeowner. Maintaining a working plumbing system in your home often requires professional drain cleaning from time to time. How do you know when it’s time to have your drains cleaned? Look for these five signs:

#1 Water is coming out very slow.

Water should flow freely when you turn on the sink or shower nozzle. A slow-running flow of water is a sign you’re dealing with a clog. This is especially true if more than one fixture is working slowly. This means it is likely there’s a large clog in your sewer line and not a problem with one individual fixture. After noticing this, you should call a plumber for professional Birmingha drain cleaning.

#2 There is a foul odor.

A bad smell is always a sign of an issue! If you smell something foul near your drains, it may be because of a crash in the sewer line. This can actually release toxic gases through cracks in the pipeline! With a professional drain cleaning and inspection, our plumber will easily be able to identify where these odors are coming from as well as fix the problem.

#3 Your fixtures keep backing up.

Water should only go one way: down. If you find your toilets or sink has water going the opposite way through your pipes, this is an almost surefire sign there’s something blocking your drains. When fixtures get too backed up, they often spill out sewage. This is not only a nasty mess to clean up, but also very toxic. If your toilet or sink is backed up and water isn’t going down, call a Birmingham plumber right away to help. Our plumber will determine whether your problem is isolated or located deep within your sewer line.

#4 There’s mold growing near your drains.

Mold is more than just gross. It is extremely toxic for your health. Because mold thrives in damp, dark environments, it is often a sign of a leak. Have a trusted plumber clean your drains while a mold removal expert handles the threat of toxic mold.

#5 Your water bill rose sharply.

A blockage isn’t the only potential problem. No one likes to see a big bill come in the mail. If your utility bills have risen but you’re not using any more water than usual, it may be because of a leak in your pipe. With a professional drain cleaning, a technician will be able to perform an inspection and inform you of what happened to cause the spike in your water bill. This trained professional will be able to identify the problem.

If you recognize any of these five signs, it is time to call Drainblaster Plumbing. We’re always here to help! For emergencies, please call 205-637-0668. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your emergency is our emergency!