how much does drain cleaning cost

When you have a clogged drain, cleaning it yourself might seem viable. But, it pays to hire a professional plumber for the job because they have the right tools, experience, and know-how to get the job done quickly and correctly. But how much does drain cleaning cost? In this blog, we will go over the average cost to snake a drain and the factors that may affect the final price of the service.

Average Cost to Snake a Drain

average cost of snake a drain

Snaking a drain is one common method plumbers use to clear clogs. It involves using a flexible auger tool (also known as a snake) to break up or extract blockages in the pipes. The average cost to snake a drain can vary depending on the clog’s complexity, the drain’s location, and the time required to complete the job.

According to Forbes, the national average to snake a drain professionally is about $250. Simple clogs can be resolved for as low as $100, while more intricate clogs may incur a cost of $360 or higher.

Although plumbers typically have a set fee for unclogging drains, it’s important to note that if they come across any additional issues during the process, you may incur extra labor charges, invoiced by the hour, as well as the cost of any necessary replacement parts.

Factors That Affect How Much a Plumber Charges to Unclog a Drain

factors that affect the cost

Whether you need to unclog a drain in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, keep in mind that when hiring a plumber to unclog a drain, several factors influence the overall cost of the service. These factors can include:


The more difficult it is to access the location of the obstruction, the more expensive it is to clear. Further access points, such as the main sewer line, take longer to identify and clean, so you’ll have to pay for more labor hours.

Number of Clogs

Clogs in various areas of your home, like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement, generally indicate a problem with the main line. Clearing multiple clogs can raise the overall cost of the service.


A blockage can be cleared using a snake within 5 minutes. However, when dealing with multiple clogged pipes or a severe main line clog, the unblocking process can take hours and may even necessitate a video camera inspection.

Cause of Blockage

Drain blockages typically occur due to the accumulation of soap residue, hair clogs, or trapped food and debris. However, it’s important to note that corrosion can also be a culprit in causing these blockages. In such cases, resolving the issue goes beyond simply using a drain snake, often leading to increased expenses.


Plumbing estimates vary depending on the job size, travel distance, region, and season. You can expect to pay between $45-$125 per hour for labor, with additional costs for the necessary parts and supplies.

The Professional Plumbers in Birmingham

When a clogged drain is causing problems in your home, hiring a professional plumber is best. Fortunately, several experienced Birmingham plumbing companies have the tools and techniques to unclog your drains quickly and correctly. Knowing the average cost of drain cleaning services can help you better prepare for potential expenses. 

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