Install a Hot Water Heater in Birmingham

Water that is too cold is one of the most common plumbing problems. If your hot water heater is leaking or not heating up, you may be able to repair the existing unit. It is very possible that an old hot water heater may need to be replaced instead. Do you need a new hot water heater? It is quite likely that you do. Everyone will at some point. Even the best-made hot water heaters won’t last forever. 

Nothing is made to last forever, even your hot water heater. Eventually it will need to be replaced. The question isn’t if, but when. After all, going without hot water is certainly not an option! A residential hot water heater lasts between six and 13 years. If your hot water heater is more than 12 years old, you are on borrowed time! Let’s say you know that you need a new hot water heater. Do you just go out to the store and buy one, then put it in once you get home? Can you install a hot water heater yourself?

No! Do not attempt installing a hot water heater yourself unless you’re experienced and comfortable with general construction, plumbing, and following local installation codes. Failure to comply with plumbing codes can put you at substantial safety, financial, and legal risk. Improper installation can cause pressure to build up in the tank to the point it will explode. Anyone nearby can suffer serious, possibly even fatal, injury. Keep in mind that many homeowner insurance policies specifically require installation be done by a licensed plumber or the coverage is void. Just the same, most hot water heater manufacturers’ warranties will be voided if the work is not done by a licensed plumber. It simply isn’t worth the risk!

It is quite possible that this job is more complicated than you realize. The truth is that hot water heaters are one of the most difficult things around your house to install. Not many homeowners even think of trying this on their own. Why not? Because installing a hot water heater is not your average DIY project! Do you know which temperature your hot water heater should be set at? Just like your air conditioning unit on your wall, your hot water heater can be turned up and down.

Don’t give yourself a monumental job ahead! Instead, save yourself the hassle with our hot water heater installation services. You can trust the team members at DrainBlaster to tell you truthfully whether your hot water heaters need to be repaired or replaced. Whichever is needed in your specific situation, we’ll handle the job courteously and professionally, for a price that’s in your budget. Our plumbing services also include removal of the old water heater. Do not delay any longer!