How to Locate Plumbing Vents 1

​When you’re a homeowner, you have a lot to deal with. Not the least of which is plumbing. Do you know what your home’s plumbing vents are or why they’re so important? These vents, sometimes also called vent stacks or air inlets, are an essential part of your house’s plumbing drain system. Plumbing vents work by admitting air into your drainage system to equalize the pressure in the pipes, allowing the wastewater to flow smoothly into commercial sewer pipes or a septic system. It works very well, and it is quite important to a well-functioning residential plumbing system.

You probably already have a little bit of knowledge as to how this concept works. Have you ever opened a can of soup with a can opener? In order to do it well you will make two openings; one side allows the liquid out and one side allows the air in so the liquid flows out smoothly. Vent pipes work the same way!

In order to locate your plumbing vents, you will need a flashlight and a ladder. Then you can get started!

Step #1 Locate your main plumbing drain line. Have someone flush the toilet and listen for a large draining sound. The pipe that the water flows through when flushed will be the plumbing vent. In most cases, it will be made of either cast iron or PVC pipe, and usually black. It should be at least three inches in diameter. Visually find this pipe and make a note of where it enters from the floor above.

Step #2 Look in your attic for a vent pipe. Virtually any large diameter pipe found in an attic that is running up through the floor will be a vent pipe. That’s easy!

Step #3 Use a ladder to gain access to the roof and locate a vent pipe. Your vent pipe probably exits through the roof and extends several inches upward over the shingles or tiles. To be absolutely sure this is a vent pipe, place your ear up to the pipe and have someone flush the toilet again. You will be able to clearly hear the flushing sound while on the roof as if the vent is a speaker!

Now that you know what you are looking for and have found it, you can ensure it isn’t clogged or damaged in any way.

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