What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency? 1

Emergencies happen! It goes without saying that anything considered emergency costs more. For this reason, you want to really make sure your plumbing call is an emergency before deeming it so. It would be a shame to rush a plumber to your house and pay extra, only to realize they could have come out the next morning for less stress and a lower bill. Think carefully about whether you have a true emergency before making a night time call. Of course, the opposite is also true. You should never let an emergency go because you want to save money or because you simply don’t realize what a big deal it is. As a homeowner, you need to know exactly what constitutes a plumbing emergency in Birmingham, AL. Ask yourself the following questions:

“Can it wait until tomorrow?”

An emergency cannot wait, and a non-emergency can. It’s as simple as that! Yet, it isn’t always easy to figure out. Do you need to use the affected plumbing right away? If you have a water leak that just won’t stop, like coming from your hot water heater, you probably can’t hold off until regular business hours. But if you have a broken toilet or sink and can use the other bathroom until the morning or if you have a minor leak and can place a bowl under it, you may be able to wait.

“Am I safe, clean, and healthy?”

In the winter, a frozen pipe is an emergency. Just the same, you cannot get clothes and dishes clean without hot water. If one shower isn’t working, and you can use the other bathroom to take a bath then it isn’t an emergency. If the hot water isn’t working to the entire home, it is an emergency.

“Will leaving the problem alone cause more damage?”

Sometimes, a “wait and see” mentality does more harm than good. If there is a leak but you can easily stop the flow of water, you can probably wait until morning to call a professional plumber. If turning off the water isn’t possible or you cannot function with the water to the entire house turned off, you should call in help now.

“Is it really my responsibility to fix?”

There are occasions when water may be out to the entire neighborhood. In a case like this, not only do you not need to call a plumber but it actually won’t help if you do. This is up to the city’s employees to fix.

If a plumbing problem happens late at night or on the weekend, it’s often tempting to call for emergency repairs, pay the cost of a plumber and get the problem fixed. Sometimes, this is necessary, but in other cases, the problem can wait until business hours, and you can avoid paying for the cost of an after-hours service call. Regardless of whether you decide you need an emergency plumbing service or not, Drain Blaster Plumbing is here for you! For a Birmingham, AL plumber to come to your home and fix your plumbing issue, please call 205-637-0668. We’ll ask you a few questions and determine whether you need someone out right away or your service call can wait a day or two.