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When you come home from a long day of work, you have one thing on your mind: a nice, hot shower. Hot water is relaxing! It’s more than that though; it’s also cleansing. You see, you can’t get your clothes, dishes, or yourself clean without hot water. When you are having a problem with your hot water heater, you may wonder if it’s really that big of a deal. Can you just live with it or do you really need to repair a hot water heater?

As a general rule, a 40 or 50-gallon water heater should not have any difficulty supplying at least two to three showers in a row with warm, wonderful water. Water heater issues are pretty easy to recognize. You go to take that nice warm shower but instead get covered in freezing cold water. A water heater that is about to break will either produce lukewarm water or insufficient amounts of hot water. Once there is a build-up of sediment, your tank’s heating element will need to work harder than usual and won’t be able to output the amount of hot water it did in the past. Then, what? Do you live with cool water or do you reach out for a repair? We hope you choose the latter. 

If you are like many homeowners, you are not thinking about your water heater very often. This means you are not aware that your water heater is struggling or approaching the end of its lifespan. Most homeowners don’t often check the water heater at all unless it suddenly stops giving us the hot water we want and need

Many water heater issues and repairs require professional help due to the complexity and potential for danger. Leaks are sometimes the cause of water heater problems, meaning the hot water simply drips out before it reaches your shower. Mineral deposits, known as hard water, also cause problems in water heaters. These sediment deposits can reduce the efficiency of the water heater, reducing the supply of hot water throughout your home, because your tank is full of minerals instead of hot water. Do not put off repairing it because you think it will be too expensive. This isn’t true!

You can trust the team members at DrainBlaster to tell you truthfully whether your hot water heaters need to be repaired or replaced. Whichever is needed in your specific situation, we’ll handle the job courteously and professionally, for a price that’s in your budget. After all, going without hot water is certainly not an option! You’ll be very cold, and nothing will be hygienically cleaned. Hot water is incredibly important in your daily life!

A broken hot water heater is one of the most common plumbing problems. It’s also one of the easiest for a professional to fix. Do not delay any longer! Reach out to us at DrainBlaster Plumbing and ask our team to repair a hot water heater