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Just like there are drivers who specialize in large trucks and real estate agents who specialize in selling warehouses instead of houses, there are plumbers who focus on commercial plumbing needs. If your business needs a plumber, you want to call in an expert at commercial buildings. This person will be the best person for the job, because they know exactly what they are doing!

Is it time you call in a commercial plumber? Maybe you think so, but you’re really not sure. This is very common! After all, you may be an expert at running your business or your niche industry, but you are certainly not a plumber yourself. If you notice any of these four warning signs, you need to make a call to a trusted, experienced commercial plumber in the Birmingham, AL area:

#1 Slow Drains and Toilets

This may not be “that big of a deal,” but it’s not something to ignore. Slow drainage usually means that there is a clog somewhere along the drain pipes. This may be a smaller clog around the drain opening, or it may be further down in the pipe, affecting multiple fixtures in the building. Either way, a plumber has the knowledge and tools to remove the clog.

#2 Unexplained Puddles around the Building

If it hasn’t rained, but there is standing water- this means water is leaking from somewhere. This is bad! Don’t wait for leaks to damage your property. If you notice water spots or puddles, call a plumber right away.

#3 Little or No Hot Water

For many businesses, like restaurants and hotels, hot water is vital to operation. For others, a lack of hot water means employees or customers can’t wash their hands well. To ensure the comfort and health of everyone in your business, call a plumber for water heater repair when you notice there is not enough hot water.

#4 High Utility Bills

Just because this isn’t your home doesn’t mean you have an unlimited budget to pay the bills. Commercial properties generally have high utility bills as it is, but a sudden increase may be an early sign of a big leak or a water heater working really hard. Call a plumber anytime you suspect your bills are much higher than they should be.

By looking at this list, it’s much easier to know if you need to call a commercial plumber. Whether it’s a problem with your toilets, drainks, sinks, or pipes, the team to call is Drainblaster Plumbing! Keeping your building running and functional is essential to your business. If your building stops working then your business won’t run effectively. This is why a plumber from Drainblaster Plumbing plays an important role in your operations! Call us today at (205) 585-9060 to schedule your needed commercial plumbing service.