How to Unclog a Toilet 1

You probably don’t like to think about it, but the truth is that toilets can and often do get clogged. Then, it’s time to unclog them. This isn’t something you want to get wrong. Talk about a mess! The best way to unclog a toilet is to learn to properly use a flange plunger. Flange plungers are specifically designed to clear toilet clogs, so they’re the best tool for the job. What you’ll want to do is use the flange plunger to create a snug seal with both the flange and cup, then plunge continuously for about twenty seconds. Here’s an easy breakdown of how to do that:

Step #1 Prepare the area around the toilet

Plunging a toilet can get messy. You’ll want to put on rubber gloves and lay out towels or plastic wrap to catch spills. Move anything that you could knock over while working out of the way.

Step #2 Level out the amount of water in the bowl

To maximize plunging effectiveness, you’ll want to fill the toilet bowl about halfway, so that you can fully submerge the plunger cup.

Step #3 Place the flange into the toilet drain

Maneuver the flanger until it fits snugly into the top of the toilet bowl’s drain. Insert the flange at an angle so the flap fills with water as you lower it. This will help increase suction and improve the plunge.

Step #4 Fit the cup over the drain

Make sure you’ve submerged the entire plunger head in water. Fit the cup of the plunger snugly over the drain while keeping the flange inserted. You’ve now created a seal that will help generate suction pressure to unclog.

Step #5 Position and test your seal

You’ll want to test it before getting started. Press the plunger straight down and then tug it back up the way you would to unclog normally, but do so slowly. Make sure your seal stays in place throughout the entire plunging process.

Step #6 Plunge forcefully

Drive the plunger into the drain, then pull it back up to “reset.” Push down on the plunger forcefully about five or six times. Make sure you maintain the seal at all times! It should take about 20 seconds.

Step #7 Test to see if the clog is gone

Before you test your flush, remove the tank lid. Go ahead and press the handle as usual and watch the toilet bowl closely. If you haven’t cleared the clog, then the toilet won’t flush and the bowl will start filling with water. Hopefully, you’ll see that the clog is finally gone and the toilet is draining perfectly now.

If you still have a problem, don’t stress about it. Drain Blaster Plumbing Service is here to help! Call us at (205) 637-0668 and request a Birmingham, AL plumber be at your house soon. Be sure to let us know it’s a clogged toilet emergency!