Commercial Plumbing Repairs in Birmingham, AL

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Our Commercial Plumbing Services include:


  • All Commercial Plumbing Replacement and Repair
  • Water Pipe Repair
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water and Gas Leak Detection
  • Sewer Repair, Replacement, and Pipe Lining

How to Know You Need a Repair?

    • Leakage: If you notice water stains, dampness, or puddles, it’s a clear sign of a plumbing leak that needs immediate attention.
    • Low Water Pressure: Reduced water pressure could indicate issues with your pipes or water supply. It’s important to identify and address this promptly.
    • Unpleasant Odors: Foul smells emanating from drains or pipes may indicate a blockage or other plumbing problems that need professional attention.

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    How to Know You Need a Replacement?

    • Frequent Repairs: If your plumbing system requires constant repairs, investing in a replacement for long-term reliability might be more economical.
    • Old or Outdated Systems: Aging plumbing systems can become inefficient and prone to failures. Upgrading to newer, more advanced systems can improve overall performance and reduce the risk of breakdowns.
    • Increased Water Bills: A sudden spike in water bills without an apparent cause could indicate hidden leaks or inefficiencies that may warrant a replacement.

    Other Plumbing Services

    At Drainblaster Plumbing Service, we are proud to offer other additional services that will fit your needs and keep your property in top condition.

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    Commercial Drain Cleaning

    Our emergency plumbers can handle even the toughest of clogs. We provide affordable, reliable, and efficient drain cleaning for your business or commercial building.

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    Pipe Repairs

    At Drainblaster Plumbing Service, we can also handle your pipe repairs. Whether it’s a gas o a water pipe, we can get your pipe system up and running in no time.

    Our Service Areas

    We have years of experience servicing Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas. Additionally, we have built a reputation as a reliable business in Birmingham.

    No matter how big or small your plumbing issues are, we can swiftly and effectively manage all of them. We offer both residential and commercial plumbing repairs in Birmingham. Never tackle plumbing on your own! Contact our local plumbers right now for full-service, emergency plumbing.

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    Why Choose Drainblaster Commercial Plumbing Repairs in Birmingham?

    In order to maintain your system operating at peak efficiency, Drainblaster Plumbing Service provides a range of commercial plumbing services for our clients. Our plumbing and heating specialists are prepared to take on any task, whether it involves installing a new fixture, replacing an outdated sink, or maintaining a water heater. 

    We take great pleasure in our unwavering professionalism and consider no task to be too large or minor. Additionally, as a client, you will benefit from our:

    • Reasonable rates
    • Easy appointment scheduling
    • Knowledgeable, courteous crew

    Customer Reviews

    See what our clients have to say about our expert, reasonably priced, and high-quality services.

    Donnie Hoffman came out on a Sunday and offered extremely professional services. He was on time, very polite, and did outstanding work. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family. Thank You Drain Blasters and Donnie for taking care of my problem in such a timely manner.

    - Jonathan H.

    Donnie was amazing. He was kind and patient answering all of our questions.  He was efficient and thorough.  The work he did was neat and tidily completed.  We were very pleased and would highly recommend using this company and particularly asking for Donnie.

    - Angela S.

    Would like to praise Donnie for his professionalism and helpfulness in sorting out an issue for me this year and last year. Both times he was very thorough and helpful in his explanations. Would highly recommend him and drainblaster for plumbing needs.

    - Aravind C.

    #1 Commercial Plumbers in Birmingham, AL

    Even the most straightforward plumbing installation or maintenance tasks may quickly develop into tricky ones. Don’t take any chances when Drainblaster Plumbing Service is here to assist. Our plumbing firm will meet your drain cleaning and water heater maintenance demands. For emergency service for your Birmingham, AL home or place of business, contact us right now.

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