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A plumbing emergency is every homeowner’s nightmare. Water damage can be severe in just a few minutes and sometimes not even covered by insurance. You can’t fix this alone; you need a plumber who can come out right away. But who? When you have an emergency, you don’t want someone who thinks they can fix it. You want someone who knows they can, because they have handled situations like this many times. For the Birmingham area, these emergency plumbing experts are at Drainblaster Plumbing!

When it comes to household emergencies, a plumbing emergency may just be the worst kind. If the cable goes out, you can read a book instead and if the electricity goes out, you can always use flashlights until it comes back on. What do you do if a toilet won’t stop overflowing or the hot water is totally broken? There’s not much you can do, except call Drainblaster Plumbing. These situation are, of course, very frustrating for you. We understand your frustration and we are here to help. Our goal is to provide consistent service on all jobs large and small. Whether you’re looking to have a basic fixture repaired or want more extensive plumbing work done, we’re the team to enlist.

Save our number for when you need it: (205) 585-9060. We know that an emergency doesn’t always happen between 9am and 5pm on a weekday, so you can call that number anytime. Christmas morning? Saturday night? Fourth of July weekend? We’ll come out no matter what or when! Let us handle all of your plumbing needs. Sometimes, even the simplest of plumbing installation or repair jobs can quickly turn complicated. Don’t take any chances when Drainblaster Plumbing Service is available to help.

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